References from some of our many satisfied clients

Diego Colon, General Manager/ Astilleros de Mallorca S.A.
"Few media professionals have done so much for this industry in the last 20 years. With great effort and perseverance Colin has also done a great job for each of his clients individually. Other larger companies couldn't even dream of getting so far. Colin congratulations! We are very grateful."

Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director / Deutsche Yachten – Superyacht Germany
"Colin's Yachting Matters and the Yachtfile packs are unique products and perfect tools for those who want to place information in the superyacht industry. His knowledge about the market and the many personal contacts he has are worth every single cent you pay for his services."

Artun Ertem CMM, General Manager / D-Marin – Mandalina Marina
"Colin Squire Publishing is one of the best companies I have worked with. Yachting Matters is not just a magazine but more than that. I sincerely believe that it's because of the personal touch of Colin who is aware of what's going on in the market through his great network within the yachting segment. Since our cooperation with CSP, we have witnessed a remarkable improvement in our business, especially in the segment of Megayachts. We are looking forward to sustain and develop this cooperation."

Victor Caminada, Marketing Manager / AMELS B.V.
"We have been working with Colin over the past 10 years and I must say that his determination, originality and knowledge of the industry are exceptional! Thank you Colin!"

Craig Dallison, Marketing Specialist – SMU Specialty Coatings AKZONOBEL
"We have worked with Colin, Yachting Matters magazine and his YachtFile packs for over 10 years now to promote our Awlgrip range. The advantage of working with Yachting Matters is that we know where the magazines are delivered so that the ROI (Return On Investment) is much more concrete compared to other publications. Colin's knowledge of the market and personal touch combined with the premium quality of the magazine, is a perfect fit for Awlgrip and reflects our own brand values"

Paschalis Patsiokas, CFO & Executive Vice President / BWA Yachting
"BWA Yachting (Blue Water Alliance) was formed in 2003 and we have used the YachtFile pack and Yachting Matters magazine consistently over this period to access the Captains and Owners of Superyachts which are essentially the clients of our company. We have always had good, honest and knowledgeable service and have found Colin and Karen a pleasure to work with. We would without doubt be happy to recommend them to any company looking for a media outlet that targets the Superyacht industry so well."

Francesco Luise, Managing Partner / J. Luise & Sons Ltd
"I'd say my heartfelt thanks for the hard work Colin has done over the past years for our group of companies in Italy, The Luise Group. I believe we were among the companies joining at the very beginnings of the YachtFile pack way back in 1994 and we still use it every year! Both YachtFile and Yachting Matters have given us invaluable support over the years, including a very pivotal moment when we decided to re-launch our image to the yachting market. We have without doubt over the years gained extremely positive exposure from both Yachting Matters and YachtFile."

Johan Pizzardini, Communications & Media Manager / Monaco Yacht Show S.A.M.
"The MYS has been partnering with Yachting Matters for well over a decade. The top quality of Colin Squire's network in the yachting industry and the hand-delivered distribution of his publication is decisive for the MYS when we to need to be in contact with the right target audience!"

Paul Rose, Director – Sales, Marketing & Finance / Icon Connect
"When I entered the yachting industry 15 years ago with Icon Connect, there is no doubt that I had little idea of the enormity and extraordinary nature of this wonderful industry. I was introduced to Colin's magazine Yachting Matters very early on and very quickly it became my reference point for a clear and concise view of what's going on across this industry sector. The fact that it is uncluttered with adverts, it is factual and gives not just me as a supplier a perspective, but an Owner, Captain, Crew and other journalist can to this day pick the magazine up and instantly understand it's content. The images are always incredible and I am grateful to Colin for allowing us to use his occasionally in our own material. Colin has be a great source of help and inspiration to me in my journey and I cannot recommend his publication enough. "

Duncan Sweet, Director / Mid Atlantic Yacht Services
"I have known Colin Squire for many years and wish all professionals within the Superyacht industry and the Superyacht publishing industry were so approachable and passionate about their clients, the industry and putting forward the most useable and useful publications and digital media available . . . bar none!!"

Sara Grain, Executive Secretary / AYSS
"The AYSS, now in their 25th year, are proud to work with Colin Squire and all at Yachting Matters. They are always a pleasure to do business with."

Lars Lippuner, Business Development Manager / Warsash Superyacht Academy
"We consider the inclusion of our materials in the Yachtfile pack as one of our most efficient marketing measures. We like the fact it is being hand delivered by a highly respected figure within yachting. Colin's commitment to looking after us as a client goes well above what one would usually expect."

Rosemary Pavlatou, Director / A1 Yacht Trade Consortium S.A.
"We have advertised with Yachting Matters for many years with great results because the delivery of the magazine is targeted in a way that no other publication has managed and we know each time precisely where our advertisement went and by whom it was seen. Yachting Matters goes to our client base in a uniquely focused way which others struggle to replicate."

Andrew Schofield, Master / M.Y. White Rose Of Drachs
"This business is all about the people and not about the numbers. Colin cares deeply about people and this reflects in the work that he does and the magazine he produces."

Costas Charalambous, Managing Director Global Marine Communications (GMC)
"Hand delivering the YachtFile packs and the Yachting Matters magazine to yachts and his continuous presence everywhere within the industry, has led Colin to be one of the most well known, hardworking and honest gentlemen I have ever met. The magazine is always interesting and filled with current and useful information alongside other interesting topics from around the world."